Introducing this issue

Within this issue you will find stories of displacement and struggle, calls to action, and dreams of a future where decolonization is not merely a metaphor, but instead, a real return of land to those who have always called this place home.


Today, we continue to advocate for Indigenous peoples’ rights and work towards a more just and equitable society, where all people have the opportunity to live with dignity and respect.

Affordable Housing on Stolen Land

I grew up on stolen land. But as a Black woman in the Bay Area, primarily in the East Bay and partially in the Peninsula, I never fully understood that the land was even stolen, and that’s actually where the problem began.

Decolonizing Homelessness

Poverty has been a consumer product of krapitalism since the settlers first came here. As a matter of fact, poverty and disability was a crime in all the countries the settlers came from.

Reclaim the Land

...many Indigenous people no longer live on lands to which they have ancestral ties. They have been forced to move, making space for greedy and selfish private developers who are only concerned with making their lives better. Indigenous land that could be beneficial to generations and generations is now owned by a few.